The last post (for a while anyway)

I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from blogging.  When I started More Than A Bit Deaf in February 2016 I thought I’d keep going for six months, or perhaps a year.  It’s been longer than that and I’ve reached the point (54 posts later) where I feel in need of a blogging vacation.  Rather than a long list of topics jostling for attention in my “ideas” folder it’s more “hmmm, long overdue for a post – what can I say that I haven’t said before?”  So time to stop for a while.  I don’t want to bore you.

I am keeping the site, in the expectation of returning at some stage, so please don’t unsubscribe if you might want to hear from me again.  I’m also planning to still occasionally write for other deafness/hearing loss media and (with a bit of luck) they might sometimes publish things – so keep an eye out.

THANK YOU for reading.  Thank you for the feedback; whether that’s comments on the blog, or e mails, or talking about it when you see me.

To people who can hear – the best thing has been people telling me they understand a little more about what hearing loss is like.

To people who can’t – those of you who’ve said I’ve managed to capture some of the things that YOU experience and feel have given ME a big boost.

Au revoir then.  See you again.

Here I am, heading off down the lane for a walk with Izzy



15 thoughts on “The last post (for a while anyway)

  1. Hello everyone. I’ve been so bowled over by all your lovely comments it has taken me a while to respond. You are too kind and too generous. THANK YOU. I will miss you all and fully plan to return once I’ve had a break and got the inspiration flowing again. Hugs (can you do cyber hugs? I think so). Vera.

  2. Hi Vera

    Thanks for everything.

    Your blog has provided a lot of online help and support for people like me are relatively new to this “deafness thing”.

    Once I have an answer as to how regular hearing tests should be done, as per our previous email exchanges, I’ll let you know.

    All the best and thank you.


  3. Hello Vera. I too will miss reading your posts. You were so kind to me when i first started to tell my story on WordPress, and I am so thankful for all the advice you have given me. It is great to read your posts as they deal with such important issues for people with hearing loss, and i always can find myself nodding along to your experiences – I can relate to a lot of what you write about. I hope you have a lovely summer, and the sun shines for you in Yorkshire. Hope to see you here again soon – I’ll keep a look out just in case 😉
    – Carly

  4. À bientôt mon ami – I will miss your witty and insightful comments but fully appreciate where you are coming from. You and Izzy – and Nigel too of course – deserve a bit of downtime. Enjoy your summer and hopefully you may return refreshed. Much love Deb and Elmo

  5. Hello Vera

    I echo the sentiments of many others here who have enjoyed reading your blog. You have written with insight and humour and I have identified with much of what you have had to say. I think my level of hearing loss is about the same as yours, and I was interested to hear that you are being assessed for a cochlear implant because I received one last year at the Yorkshire centre in Bradford and it has changed my life, People experience implants in different ways I know but speaking for myself I cannot recommend it highly enough! I wish you well with the assessment and with your “blogging break”.

    Very best wishes

  6. I can only echo what everyone else has said. When I discovered your blog in December it felt like ‘coming home’ – comfortable, familiar and supportive, and full of humour. It has been wonderful to realise that I am not alone and my thoughts and feelings about my hearing loss are not wrong or extreme.My confidence has grown and, although I never use the telephone nowadays, I feel more confident in myself and a greater acceptance of who I am. Thank you! And best wishes for the future.


  7. Enjoy your well-deserved break Vera but I do hope you come back and share more of your experience with us. I haven’t been reading here that long but I’ve found what you write a great comfort.

    The idea someone put forward of a deaf-related forum is a good one – I already run a different kind of support group and it certainly helps people who share an experience of any kind to communicate- it would be great if someone were to set that up!

    Thanks for what you’ve done so far! X

  8. Really sorry to hear this. I only discovered you fairly recently after seeing you in the action for hearing loss magazine.
    I’ve identified so closely with so much you’ve written about and will miss the camaraderie that your blogs and the subsequent comments inspired.
    I wish you well!

  9. I’d like to echo what the others have said – I will miss you. I feel we are friends! But good luck in your ventures and thank you for writing the blog in the first place! You have helped lots of people and made us laugh at ourselves. Maybe all of us who have commented here should keep in touch – somehow – as we all share the same experiences in life through our hearing losses and could give each other mutual support and help xx

    1. It would be nice to have some sort of forum. It’s so lovely to identify with others living with similar difficulties, whilst bringing an element of humourx

  10. Hello Vera,
    I will miss your blogs very much. I can understand you wanting to stop for a while but I will look out for anything you write for other publications. Of all the people I have come across who are hard of hearing your situation seems to be exactly like mine. Please take care and get back to us when you can find more interesting things to write about.

  11. Dear Vera
    I have finally put finger to phone and am writing to you for the first time.
    I have in fact “written” to you each time I have read something you have posted except the words have remained in my thoughts.

    Thank you for all you have blogged.

    Every point you raise resonates within me too! I often think – Yes…..that’s so true, Vera has made this point so eloquently.
    You write with passion, relevance and humour.

    So, ENJOY your break away from the postings.
    I send my grateful thanks and look forward to reading more in the future when you decide to return.

    Take good care of yourself
    Kindest regards from
    Sally (aged 65 and “more than a bit ” too)

    Sent from my iPhone

  12. Thank you Vera – you have made me laugh and also not feel such a muppet when trying to deal with my deafness. You are a real tonic. Enjoy your vacation be it long or short. Bless you. Dawn

  13. I do hope Vera, that your ‘blog holiday’ won’t be too prolonged (selfishly for my sake and other readers sake too). It’s so very cheering to read of your experiences and to realise that I and others who are deaf are not on our own. I have only been reading your blog for a relatively short time and what you have written ihas been very encouraging. You echo so much of what goes on in my life. So, enjoy your ‘holiday’ but please come back soon….

  14. Oh no! I am so sad to hear you are stopping your blog (even temporarily!). I only discovered it fairly recently and it has given enormous pleasure and rings so many bells. I even have a dog and a willing and helpful husband (most of the time!) who answers the phone and gives me feedback when we are out. Much of the time I have been one of the ‘timid’ ones, even withdrawing from having friends round. Your blog has given a real feeling of ‘OK other people can deal with that situation – why not me’. And as well as being great morale boosters your posts are always funny and I have loved reading them. Please don’t disappear for too long! All good wishes, Sue.

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