In her comment on The Last Post Joy suggested finding some means to enable followers of the blog to keep in touch; for mutual support and camaraderie or, as she later put it in an email, “for sharing the difficult moments but also the hilarious ones”.  Sound like a good idea?  I thought so.  Indeed, a great idea.  As a result, I’ve set up a Facebook group for followers of morethanabitdeaf.

I’ve set it up as a closed group, which means that only members can see the posts.  Hope you might think about joining.  So far the four of us who have started it off share the statistically unlikely characteristic of all having black dogs (the canine sort, not depression) so you could join us just to even up the demographic profile.

If you have a Facebook account you can find the group by following the link https//

If you don’t currently use Facebook – I didn’t until comparatively recently – it’s easy to join and you can use your membership just to join groups you are interested in.  You don’t need to post to your own page (I don’t) but I joined UK Hearing Loss Community and Hearing Loss Worldwide, both of which are very much worth a look.  Once you have a Facebook account (it’s free) you can ask to join the morethanabitdeaf group and I will add you.  Simple.

Maybe see you on Facebook then…..





10 thoughts on “Idea

  1. Hi Vera

    Thank you for the great idea – it will be good to keep in touch. I don’t ‘do’ Facebook normally and will have to get help to join. So see you there. Sorry – no dog or cat!!


  2. Hi Vera, have been following you a while. Read your posts & think blimey that’s just how it is & how I feel!! Have loss like yours, hearing aids (my iEars as I call them!) since 30, now aged 52. Will see you on FB, so pleased you’ve set up page. I have a working cocker aged 4.5 months & she is black!!! Will post a photo x

  3. Hi Vera, I’ve been a lurker. I have so enjoyed your blog – thank you – but never got around to commenting. So I’ll be joining you on Facebook. See you there – no black dog – will a brown cat increase diversity?

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