Saga article on cochlear implants

Vera 2Saga magazine (a UK magazine for the over-50s) included a piece in their latest edition about me and my cochlear implant.  I’ve just realised that the article is available online so here’s a link.  I was pleased to get an email from the Cochlear Implant centre a few days after publication, reporting that they had been contacted by a man worried about his wife’s worsening hearing problems and wondering if a CI might be a solution.  They were able to point him in the right direction for an assessment.

Thank you Saga, then, and special thanks to Med-El (the manufacturer of my implant) whose publicity department arranged the article.


6 thoughts on “Saga article on cochlear implants

  1. Wow! Vera, you are becoming quite the spokesperson for CI’s. Brilliant – a celebrity CI recipient – look forward to future stories. xxx

  2. I love reading your articles on how your deafness progressed as you seem to have exactly the same type of deafness I have. This article about your cochlear Implant will encourage a number of people to try and get assessed for one. I have been hesitant to go back and ask for an assessment but now the NHS has lowered the threshold I might pluck up courage and go back to the audiologist,

    1. Hello Pat. Seize the day, I’d say. And asking for an assessment doesn’t commit you, but it lets you know what your options are. Very best wishes. Vera.

  3. That’s a very good article and useful links – I’m sure you’ve introduced the topic to a key target audience Vera – well done!

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