Cochlear implant film: episode one

Vera Med-El

Emotional breakfast at the Vera/Nigel house this morning.  The first episode of the film was released at 7am so we watched it over muesli (me) and porridge (him). We’d seen it once before, when we went to Innsbruck, Medel’s HQ, to approve the various chapters; we found it moving then and today was no different, looking back to when life was quite, quite different.

New followers of the blog might like to read some of the posts relating to that period, after the decision to have an implant was taken but before the operation.  “So what’s been happening?” caught people up with a long gap in blog writing, after I’d lost hope that my suddenly worsened hearing would recover and before I got the good news about the implant.  “Hope and expectation management” was about tempering all our hopes with not really knowing what to expect.

So here’s the link to episode one.  Subtitles/captions can be found by clicking on CC at the bottom of the screen.  Izzy is hoping she might make Best Supporting Actress……….


2 thoughts on “Cochlear implant film: episode one

  1. Yes, an emotional first chapter but having read your blogs avidly, everything has now come alive watching the three of you on “the big screen “!

    Can’t wait for the next and further instalments.
    Thank you for having the courage to allow media into your everyday lives, enabling others to have more insight and by so doing providing support and encouragement.

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