Pack your resilience

Just back from holiday.  You wouldn’t believe all the bits of kit I take with me for peace of mind, especially if I’m going abroad.

holiday hearing aid kit
holiday hearing aid kit

As well as the normal essentials – hearing aids, spare batteries – I take:

  1. Cleaning kit – for getting bits of wax out of ear moulds, and stuff like that.
  2. Puffer – for getting condensation out of the tubing.
  3. Spare tubing – in case it needs replacing for some reason.
  4. Spare hearing aids. THANK YOU NHS.  My local hospital now provides free spare pairs on holiday loan – how wonderful is that?
  5. Spare ear moulds. In case I lose the ear moulds?  Ridiculously unlikely but you never know, and whilst you could probably buy hearing aid tubing in many places abroad my ears are peculiar to me and the moulds irreplaceable.  They are old ones, and not a perfect fit, but they would do the job for a while.
  6. Drying tub and desiccator tablets – if going somewhere hot or if I might get sweaty (for example, if hiking). Drop your hearing aids in the tub overnight, with one of the tablets, and they are safely thoroughly dried.  Damp hearing aids don’t work and can be permanently damaged.
  7. Nowadays I also pack the Roger pen, the Roger pen receiver and the two sets of charging equipment they come with.

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