A stapedectomy diary: part two

2015-07-09 Tongue in cheek
Hearing dog Elmo enjoying some well-earned time off

Do you remember, back in January, Deb writing a guest post for us, about her stapedectomy operation?  If you missed it you can read it here.  Deb promised us an update on her progress since then and here she is…….

“Well, here I am back again finally, a little longer than the few weeks promised, to conclude my stapedectomy journey. Somehow a whole five months have rushed past. How did that happen?

When I finished my last piece I was 6 weeks post-op and about to start my new job. So what’s happened and how am I feeling now? The last question is very simple to answer – great! And with much improved hearing – though it hasn’t been all plain sailing. Continue reading


A stapedectomy story

One of the most popular posts on this blog to date was in November 2016 when Deb spoke to us about life with her Hearing Dog Elmo.  Here it is, if you missed it.  Knowing that Deb had recently had a big ear operation of her own I asked her if she would write for us again, and here she is……..

“Vera and I have been running along parallel lines with operations and refer to ourselves as sisters-in-recuperation. A week after she had her cochlear implant, I had a stapedectomy. A what? Continue reading

Elmo’s Dog Blog: the preview

Puppy Elmo - destined for stardom
Puppy Elmo – destined for stardom

One of the best things about starting this blog has been the fact that I’m now in touch with many more people with similar hearing problems to my own.  I was delighted when I heard that one of those people, Deb, was about to launch a blog about her life with a Hearing Dog.  Here’s a sneak preview.  It’s going to be great………

“I am the very lucky recipient of a Hearing Dog and Vera has kindly invited me to write a guest blog about Hearing Dogs. So where to start? It is, as you may imagine, a large topic so maybe I should address the most frequently asked question I get on a daily basis. But perhaps before that I should tell you a little about me and my Hearing Dog. Continue reading