“If you have a question please phone our customer service hotline” – or not.

Copyright: yayayoy / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: yayayoy / 123RF Stock Photo

Alex Orlov recently wrote a post for the Limping Chicken in which he bemoaned the total inability of a variety of companies to respond to his requests to text him rather than phone him.  The Tesco delivery driver, IKEA, BT, BUPA, the Halifax – they all ignored his explanations that he couldn’t hear on the phone and proceeded to ring him anyway.  You can read his post here.

I so sympathise.  I don’t personally ask companies to text me because our house is off the map for mobile phones.  You can usually get a signal if you go to the top floor and stand near the window, holding your phone at ceiling height but – strangely enough – I don’t stand there all day just in case someone sends a message.  If a company wants a mobile number for text messages I pretend I don’t have one.

What drives ME to distraction is the very similar problem of companies insisting that you telephone their call centre if you have a problem. Continue reading